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What Is All About

Presence of automated Algorithms has changed the markets in the last 2-3 decades. This means that high-volume financial instruments (futures, forex, stocks, bonds) now expose price behavior and a structure that can be leveraged to improve trading decisions; and, most importantly, to identify reversal areas well in advance and with precision, and then time low-risk, procedural (step-by-step) entries.

Sounds impossible or complicated? The majority never masters price structure analysis based on the effects of prominent Algorithms (Algos). But if you do your trading gets pushed to the top…to a level where you are trading along with the Professionals and the Elite 5% of consistent traders.

Most importantly you can finally stop trading with the larger group of losing traders who believe the "inverted narrative" of a financial industry with huge conflicts of interest that tells them to do the opposite of what they should be doing...

In fact...

If you keep trading the way you learn from prominent books, the seminars, the gurus and, especially, the way the brokerage industry wants you to trade (trade often, with big lots and intraday and follow the news) you will not be successful in the long term.

Look, either you are enslaved to the brokerage industry and trade like they want and remain in the 95% group of losers, or you learn to trade like the Professionals who source volume exactly in areas were retail traders, amateurs and non-professionals are in pain!

Unfortunately, there are no other options. The simple methods you find in mainstream media will not help you (and that's why you are reading this). That's not what retail trading is about. Now, it really depends upon how much you are committed to becoming a successful trader.

If you want to put effort into this there is a bit to learn and you will have to let go old ways to look at and trade price you have learned in the past. They are ineffective!

If You Want To Put The Work In, I Have Great News For You

Becoming expert in recognizing effects of Algos on price and taking advantage of them is not difficult. Anyone can do it . But it requires some work. This is why I have created this intensive workshop.

Yes, I want you to work hard, but for a limited amount of time, so that we can together maximize the learning process and really transform your trading.

There’s a specific formula you have to follow that will help you trading with the Smart Money. A formula that the majority of people are clueless about, as they are of the overwhelming presence and power of Program Trading, a peculiar family of modern algorithms that we can leverage for consistent gains and a prolonged trading success on high-volume markets…

I’m actually very excited about this for three reasons. And here’s why I believe you should be too.

First, the playing field is completely level on this matter. Trading based on effects of Program Trading on price is little known by retail traders. A lot of work with many mentors and unique, effective, proprietary, award-winning research (CSTA/IFTA associate, several published papers and "A. Jack Frost" award in 2017) has gone into this field to which I have dedicated over 12,000 hours since 2006. It has very practical applications, which produce tangible results for you, too.

Second, this formula is simple. You don’t have to have years of experience in the markets. And actually, the lesser the experience, the easier is to grasp and apply the counter-intuitive concepts in the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program. Because you have less beliefs non-conductive to successful trading in your mind! You’ll learn how to identify where algorithms are waiting for price in every time frame, the levels of potential participation from Algos and then how to time the entry. Timing is done with a step-by-step procedure – with no initial money at risk. We enter only after confirmation – using a proprietary technique called FibStalking that I will teach you how to use.

Third, you will learn a complete approach to professional trading. Not just the method or how to generate the opportunities. risk and money Management; learning to identify and validate solid, low-risk trading plans; advanced timing; trading systems; writing your own trading system based on the proven components I will provide you with; analyzing price structure on all time frames; performing price discovery to know what is likely to happen next; working on your discipline and installing a mental model to become a consistent trader; and, finally, measuring your performance,

You just have to know what the formula is and then follow it. Before getting into it, let me share...

What Past Students Say About The FibStalker Methods

Becoming expert in recognizing the effects of Algos on price and taking advantage of them, to the point of averaging gains that will overtake your regular income, is possible.

You just have to know what the formula that produces results is and then put in the work to follow it.

Here's How To Use This Formula

I lay out the details on how to use this trading formula in my 12-week FibStalker Methods Coaching Program.

It contains over 160 hours of step by step video lessons, content review, live reviews and analysis of examples from real markets where I show you exactly how to trade. The formula is for the benefit of both new and experienced traders.

Here's just a very brief overview of what I cover (find the full course outline below):

  • I'm going to explain to you how you can identify a structure in price … the foundation of the Methods and the biggest key to success with the markets. Once you know it, you'll immediately be ahead of everyone else
  • I'm going to show you how modern markets move…studying different time frames so you'll immediately recognize the relevant levels, the high probability trading setups, clear targets and how much room there will be for the setup to get to targets
  • I'm going to show you different types of setup…so you'll immediately identify what are the areas where retail are experiencing maximum pain and only trade along with the Smart Money, not against them (I'll show what to do to trade along with Smart Money and beat the crowd)

But I Am Not Going To Leave You Alone...

The program is organized in 3 phases:

Phase I: Self-study - Where you will study the material and watch the videos on your own (1 to 3 months, variable)

Phase II: Intensive workshop - This is the active part and we will have one 2-hour live webinar every week for Q&As, review charts, analysis workshops. In this phase I will also assign homework (12 weeks)

Phase III: Consolidation - After the intensive phase we will continue working together to answer questions, make adjustments, review your analysis, systems, trades and execution (3 months)

During the program you are also going to learn and practice the other pillars of trading:

  • Risk management, including risk-free trading techniques… I'm going to show you the importance of playing in defense and how you can generate gains while closely watching risk and correctly sizing your position
  • Money management to boost profits and reach objectives… Playing in defense does not necessarily mean small gains; when you harness the power of money management to reach trading objectives, your profits can grow significantly, while still keeping risk under strict control.
  • The 8 components in your trading plan coming together to help you take advantage of low-risk, high-probability opportunities offered by the markets every day. Opportunities are generated through different type of setups, discovered through the application of a structured process (price analysis, price discovery, trading systems)
  • I'm going to take you behind the scenes and show step-by-step how the different techniques were identified, so you don't have to guess how to use them and can trust them with confidence. It is all laid out for you.
  • I'm going to show you how to "stalk" market price so you'll understand price structure in the smaller time frames, how price behaves near reversal levels and learn a procedural and reliable methodology to time entries, only after confirmation.
  • You'll learn the key of advanced timing. I'm going to show you the price structure found in the small time frames and how to uncover high reward/risk trades near reversals. These are the areas where most retail traders are in pain. and Algos source volume from.
  • You will learn to look for algorithms and professional traders participation at specific levels that are identified well before the fact (hours and days), where activity is expected and price participation can be timed.
The proprietary timing technique, showcased in the picture above, is called FibStalking. It's a step-by-step timing procedure that uses unconventional uses of Fibonacci to stallk price near areas where Algorithms are active to identify and confirm their participation in price. This is a unique feature of the FibStalker Methods and helps further reduce risk, because we get involved in the market only when Algos participate and move price, basically gauging the "now moment", i.e. what is really going on in the markets, right now. Moreover...

  • I'm going to show you how to keep developing your trading skills. This is actually a critical part of the Program.
  • I'm going to help you build and test a trading system for maximum success. The heavy lifting is done for you as I provide trading system specifications you can use and also offer proven components for your own system. As you test on current and past prices and realize how everything easily works together, you will develop market experience, confidence and a higher understanding.
  • I'm going to share 15 elements to build a correct mental model for trading. I will help you with psychology, method implementation and discipline, in order to execute seamlessly.
  • I'll give you the straight facts on what matters, what works or doesn't in an honest, open way, what to do when setting up and managing trades, making sure you remain focused and objective, at all times, and you keep it simple.
Plus a whole lot more… with over 160 hours of highly detailed, step-by-step lessons and real market examples on how to use the techniques in the FibStalker Methods formula there is also a lot of material you can use for reviews or you can come back to for a deeper understanding.

The program has proven to work for beginner, intermediate or advanced traders, regardless of past troubles or current level of development. But you must be ready to put work into it. Nobody has ever become wealthy trading without effort. If you are looking for a quick buck or want to become millionaire in one year, this is not for you!

How is FibStalker Methods Coaching Program Different from other Courses?
It’s completely different…from top to bottom. In fact, it is not a course but an interactive Workshop that is designed to maximize your learning and transform your trading. To bring you from your current level into the Elite 5% of professionals in the smaller possible amount of time with the aid of recorded material, live webinars, reviews, homework, job aids, one-to-one mentoring sessions and applications to current markets (in the FibStalker Anaysis & Trading service).

Look beyond the traditional approach. The program does not introduce new, better and "smarter" indicators. That's stuff for the trader you were before. Indicators, being derived from price, can only statistically tackle price based on historical data, they lag price and will never be able to capture the "now moment", what's going on in the market right now. Only by gauging participation by those who move the markets you can discover that.

IMPORTANT: For this reason, you should really drop the use of indicators today. I know that sounds scary. But, trust me, if you are serious about trading and you want to stick to this game for the foreseeable future, if and when you will experience some degree of success in trading, eventually you will have dropped indicators anyway. Doing so now would help reducing the learning curve and the pain. Why? All the successful traders I know (including many of my mentors) don't use indicators.

On the other hand, the workshop will dive and guide you right into the important stuff: the practical study and identification of price structure (which is not price action). It then discusses how to anticipate low-risk setups at reversal areas, where the average trader is experiencing pain or is afraid to act. Then the program focuses on timing the trade entry, showing the procedure to follow in order to confirm participation from Algos at certain levels.

But it does not end here. All the techniques and methods are collected into a well-defined, repeatable, step-by-step process that, once learned, it's easy to execute. The process includes: price analysis, price discovery, rules, use of proprietary patterns, validation of trading ideas and application of trading systems to obtain a trading plan. The whole trading approach is totally different and well-structured. The last third of the program is dedicated to techniques to create Profitability and Consistency. This is where we up the game to get to work with the mental environment and the trader's psychology.

Delusional use of traditional Technical Analysis techniques that only end up obeying the "inverted narrative" of the brokerage industry, has never been the way to go. It is becoming clear and clearer that Algos drive price in modern, high-volume markets, where they can operate. It’s not just clear…it’s black and white…and once you know the formula to identify the areas where the Algos are waiting and how to regularly gains from the markets with pulling low-risk setups, your trading will transform and you will become a consistent trader and start pulling regular gains, to the point of substituting your current income.

For you it means developing the potential to address all those issues lurking in he back of your mind: job security, impact of new technology, personal and family health, providing for the family, personal satisfaction, good education for kids, recovering past investment losses, retiring with less worries or retiring actively, keeping pulling profits out of the markets. For your trading it will mean no more indicators, horizontal lines and pivots, price action, out-of-context candles patterns, jumping from method to method, boom and bust cycles, finally knowing where the next setup will be coming from and, most importantly, knowing that you will be doing far better than 95% of the other traders.

So my question for you is: Do you want to keep playing the guessing game as to what the market is going to do next? With FibStalker Areas setups and the FibStalking timing technique you’ll have the opportunity to take positions in the market at around the very spots where Professionals traders and Algorithms are tradingt, just near the end of retracements. Algos activity and participation directly, or indirectly, creates reversals or follows-up in areas of reversal.

So, Are You Ready To Completely Change Your Trading Paradigm ?

Because one thing is sure: if you don't make a mind shift and start doing things differently, it would be insane to think that your trading results will be different. "Insanity: is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein).

If you are not ready yet, you can go back to trading as you are doing now and continue with a slow trial and error that will last for years. I don't say this to discourage you, but rather to help you avoid what I , and many like me, have done for years. And the majority never figures out the game. On the other hand, if you want to develop your trading into a business and you are ready to put in the necessary effort to change your trading forever, then keep reading what I have to offer, because this has the potential to change it all.

This below is the member's area when you subscribe:

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Note: when you request more information you also receive access to the "Winning with Algos" Free Package (6-hour course, ebook and 1-month trial in the analysis and trading room)

Here below is the description of the content in the 12 Modules of the Coaching:

Module #1: Truths about the Market (who/how moves it ?); Capturing price retracements: Old VS New; Unconventional use of Fibonacci levels; Introduction to measured Moves to frame trends; Traditional & Extension Measured Moves' Modeling trends from beginning to end; Jumping” Extensions & Emotional Market Moves; Example and Assignments

Module #2: Introduction to the Ambush Trade Setup and basic concepts; Trading the Ambush Trade & price confirmation; Why it works? Relation between Algos Trading & Ambush Setup; How Program Trading acts on the markets; Why Measured Moves work; How Algos have incorporated Market Psychology; Examples and Assignments; Live Tracing Workshop

Module #3: Price Dynamics: (6 ways market moves); Exploiting Program Trading on the smaller time frames; Fractal Behavior and FibStalking; Traditional Timing and Techniques to improve Reliability; Introduction and basics of the FibStalking Timing Technique; Procedural Testing of FibStalker areas Basic Types of Entries after Confirmation; FibStalking Timing on 15min charts; Examples and Assignments

Module #4: Quick Review of FibStalking and Common Mistakes; FibStalking timing on 4-hour and Daily time frames; Aggressive Extension Measured Moves; Aggressive Measured Moves for Timing; “Busted” Setups; How to Trade after a “Busted” timing setup; Improving the 2nd way of entry; Entry of Last Resort; FibStalking with Weaker Support/Resistance levels; Examples and Assignments; FibStalking timing; Timing Live Workshops

Module #5: Notable Anchors and Use; Groups of Notable Anchors; Retraces through Notables ; Main Rules of the FibStalker Methods; Trend Modeling and Aggressive Traces; Trend Breaks and Continuation Areas; Trend Confirmation, Profit Taking and Retraces; Trading Plan and Targets Setting; Price Discovery & FibStalking
Examples and Assignments

Module #6: Overall Price Structure Analysis Process; Analysis form Highest to the Lowest time frame; Interaction between Time frames; Price Structure & Discovery; Trading Plan Validation; Violations of Trend Continuation Areas; Behaviors & Trading Plans after Violations; The 6 FibStalker Patterns and Use; FibStalking Timing on larger time frames; Examples and Assignments; Analysis Process application Live Workshops

Module #7: Trading System Development; Components of a Trading System; Six Types of Markets
of a Trading System; Market Selection, Setup, Filters, Entry & Protective Stops; Re-Entry, Profit Taking (Exits), Position Sizing; Trading System Statistics; Review/Discussion of Component Parts; Specification of the Weekly/Daily; FibStalker Trading System

Module #8: Discuss and apply the New 15 Tasks of the Mental Model: Inventory of Yourself, Non-useful Beliefs, Mission, Trader Objectives, Big Picture, Trading Time frames, Probability, Statistics & Game Theory, Reliability of Setup/Entry, Reward/Risk, Costs of Trading, System Testing, Improvement & Statistics, Position Sizing, System Improvements and Worst-case Scenarios Planning

Module #9: Journey to Profitability & Consistency, Trading System Template; Sample System; FibStalker Trading Systems: #1, #1A & #2; Progress Tracker and Use; On-going Tracking & Keys to Trading Psychology; Achieveing Profitability & Consistency; Examples and Exercises

Module #10: Setting Trading Objectives, Avoiding Common Mistakes, Translating Your Rules into Trading System Template; Degree of Freedom & Filters; FibStalker Trading Systems: #3, #4; Trading Systems in the Overall Trading Process; Exercises and Assignments

Module #11: Overall Trading Analysis Process Overview; Form to Support Price Analysis & Example on Current Markets; Formalization of the Overall Trading Process; Price Analysis Process Aid
Examples & Assignments

Module #12: How we Learn Trading; Implementing the Profitability & Consistency Model; Testing and Important Statistics to Gather for Trading; Trading Systems: #5 and #6; Conclusions and next steps

What Students Had To Say About The Coaching In The Past 5 Years

Watch Me Identifying In Advance The Setups You Will Learn To Trade

It’s one thing to say “hey, here’s what to do” and it's another thing to see it in action, in the real world, and well before the fact. The trade setups you will learn to identify present well in advance, because Algos wait for certain price levels to be reached (and so should you). I have been showing such setups for years in my analysis and trading room, my newsletters, on FXStreet and in my presentations and market reviews.

As part of the training, you’re going to see me analyzing the markets, identifying setups and timing using exactly what I teach you. Trading is not a past time. It is a business and a competitive one, too; I’ll show you how you can succeed, even if you are completely starting from scratch.

You’ll see me analyze the Forex, Futures, Stocks and other high-volume markets to check for opportunities and identify setups, stalk price, formulate and validate trading plans, adjust plans dynamically with the aid of price discovery, select the correct position sizing (money management) and identifying free-risk and profit taking levels.

Are you going to be an instant, overnight successful trader? No way. I’m showing you reality. Individual performance depends upon each student’s unique skills, time commitment and, ultimately, efforts. Stories of positive outcomes are frequently reported to me, showing I am able to transfer the real potential of the techniques I have researched, teach and trade. I have many students who have put in the effort and are averaging two digits a month over multiple months. You’ll have an actual trader to follow and model and learn from…not just theory, or a video course.

Meet Your Mentor
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Note: when you request more information you also receive access to the "Winning with Algos" Free Package (6-hour course, ebook and 1-month trial in the analysis and trading room)

6 Things You'll Receive That No One Else Will

Because this is a unique offer for my Followers, you’re also going to get a good set of Bonuses, because I want to help you become successful as much as I can. Here is what you get:

Bonus #1: Over 40% discount on the original price of the coaching
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Bonus #3: Two 1-hour one-to-one reviews with FibStalker plus one 45-min breakthrough call. This is where you can say “Hey FibStalker, these are my pain points and challenges, or can you review my trading system or, what I’m I doing wrong? or what I have to do with psychology, confidence and discipline, and what can I do better and how” and so on. I normally charge $200 for one of these sessions (worth $600).

Bonus #4: Six written Trading Systems based on the rules and the process I'll teach you to model algorithms in modern markets, find and time low-risk opportunities and manage the trade, so you don't have to write yours (worth over $2,000)

Bonus #5: Discount Voucher. I will let you apply half of the amount you pay towards other coaching programs at FibStalker Trading, you may want to take in the future (worth $1,000)

Bonus #6: Additional Premium Content and Webinars and Access to my personal email (worth $1,000)

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The content in this program will radically change the way you look at price and it can help you trade successfully.

Plus, it's intensive and if you out the work in, you will get results quickly.

You will be delighted with what there is to learn and the value you get. All my current and past students are keen about this undisclosed material and they keep thanking me for sharing this knowledge.

For the above price you’re going to get access to the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program material, the 12-week Live Workshop, the 7-month access to the FibStalker Analysis & Trading service and the 6 Bonuses. You can watch the video training as much as you want, whenever you want, from whatever device you want.

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Giuseppe Basile, the creator of the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program and The Fearless Trader Workshop is a full-time trader, respected technical analyst, educator, mentor and active researcher for the International Federation of Technical Analysts/SIAT & CSTA (Canadian Society of Technical Analysts). In the markets since 2001, with over 22,000 hours of market exposure, he studied with several mentors and successful traders around the world. Giuseppe is a Professional Member and Board Director of CSTA, speaks regularly at international shows and is a Premium Contributor at FXStreet where he hosts webinars and weekly shows and write analysis articles.

Giuseppe's trading approach is rooted in observable effects of modern algorithms on price. He refuses the sole use of traditional Technical Analysis methods and offers new ways to explain price structure and to identify low-risk, reversal entries well before the fact. Giuseppe was presented the "A. Jack Frost" Award in 2017, published several research papers and also created a unique, proprietary & procedural (step-by-step) timing technique called FibStalking, along with multi-tiered risk protection techniques.
Do you want to receive more information on the FibStalker Methods Coaching Workshop and get access to a Free Trading Package?

Requesting information implies compliance with EU laws (GDPR)

Note: when you request more information you also receive access to the "Winning with Algos" Free Package (6-hour course, ebook and 1-month trial in the analysis and trading room)

I look forward to working with you,

Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker
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