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From Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker

Dear Friends,

Greetings! Hope you all are doing great, and enjoying the year so far as much as I am.

In trading, having a logical approach and clear understanding of how modern markets work goes a long way and can determine your success or failure. And the general notion is that relying on the traditional technical Analysis is the best way to make it.

However; truth cannot be farther from this. Traditional Technical Analysis and its modern declinations (e.g. Price Action, Supply and Demand, Ichimoku Clouds, only to name a few) does not guarantee success. In fact, it mostly fails.

Yes, maybe you (like myself in the past!) fell for Technical Analysis techniques but you realize either they lag and/or do not allow for proper risk management or are not grounded onto how modern markets work. Or maybe you have not yet realized it is not only about information, but especially about setting up a trading process that leads to consistent execution.

Whatever the reason, you are still not able to get consistent results and every time you try something new in your trading you find yourself back to square one. Or as an experienced trader, you just need to improve in one or two areas to get away from “break-even trading” and make better over-all profits.

Average Methods Create Average Results

Chasing the latest “Technical Trading Method” is exhausting (and usually not worth the time, money and effort you put into it). Over the past 15-20 years markets have changed substantially and yet have stayed the same. What does it mean?

Nowadays Algorithms, or Algos, have an overwhelming presence in Modern Markets (over 80% of volume in some instruments, like the CME futures) and are active on all time frames. But I will talk about this in a minute...

In this context, trading is complex only when you use the wrong tools, those that are not capable of capturing the reality of modern markets. If you keep using indicators that lag price, or combinations of tools providing weak signals, successful trading is very difficult to achieve. Or maybe you believe in the self-fulfilling prophecies of moving averages, bands and geometric and other visual tools (e.g. horizontal and trend lines) and keep adding rules to your discretionary trading system, only to end up fitting price data. Sorry friends, but that just makes you end up being an average, mostly a loss-making trader.

Average traders, looking at the same technical tools that everyone else is looking at, can only generate average results. And that in trading mean losing money. Now I am not suggesting that traditional methods cannot be employed successfully. However; what is actually difficult, is to reach consistency- as we know very well from trading statistics (92% to 95% of retail traders are not profitable).

If you keep doing what the majority does, the probability of you permanently becoming part of that 95% of traders losing money is very high. It is sad to say but statistically speaking you are a loser. This is very probably going to be your fate if you don't learn to think differently and how price moves in modern markets. And, as a consequence, you don't start doing things differently in your trading.

Failed in the Past and Dismissed the Whole Concept ?

If you have failed in the past with trading methods and timing techniques not capable of capturing low risk trades at turning points; and dismissed the whole concept, I am here to remind you that it's worth spending some time to get it right. Looking at Algos on different time frames is like putting a puzzle together, but you can do it in a systematic way.

Applying innovative analysis you can see the bigger picture – same as the professionals see. And with the right tools you can identify high-probability trade setups and execute proper timing and manage your positions, finally with an understanding of what is happening to price. And equipped with better knowledge and vision, the overall quality of your trading decision- making process is bound to improve.

As a result the quality of the trades you identify, and consequently the profits generated also grows. But most importantly you do that in a context of very strict risk control (you will learn about "three life and trading account savers” later on…). It’s not difficult to obtain, but everything needs to be in place for it to work. As traders we are paid for the quality of our decisions. If there is a problem in the decision making process, it must be fixed first.

Here are Just Some of the Problems you Could Have:
  • Not Knowing How to Ride the Trend till the End
  • Follow Systematic Rules to Balance Lack of Discipline
  • Trade Profitably with an Ongoing Support
  • Not Able to Spot a Price Move Before it Happens
  • Lack of Systematic Guidance in the Markets
  • Not Understanding How the Market Works
  • When and Where to Take Profits and Change Direction
  • What to Do at the End of the Move
  • Not Managing Risk Actively
  • Not Knowing How to Obtain Risk-Free Trades
  • How to Build a Mental Model of Successful Trading
  • Develop Confidence in one Trading Method
  • Build & Understand a System you are Comfortable with
  • Not Achieving Consistent Winning Results
  • No Understanding of Price Structure
  • Not Building Trading Skills
  • Reading and Analyzing the Markets Confidently
  • Create and Validate a Good Trading Plan
  • Knowing What to do to Become Successful
  • Not Using Money Management Effectively
  • Not Knowing How to Obtain Information from Price
  • And many more...
Do you Gamble or Play the Lottery ?
If you really want to succeed in trading, remember it’s a marathon, not a 100 meter dash. It is not long or complex, but it comes from learning to do a few things correctly over a period of time. It's not just about getting lucky once or twice, or having an automated system that does everything for you. Do not rely on Expert Advisors (EA): even Smart Money's Algos that extract millions from the markets annually are "manned" and monitored at all times.

Most people dream of winning the lottery, but lotteries are negative expectancy games. This means that the average player is a loser; the vast majority playing Lotto loses as soon as they decide to participate in the game. Trading, on the other hand, is a positive expectancy game because it has more degrees of freedom and you can implement rules, including limiting your losses (while you can never ask for your money back with your Lotto ticket). Successful traders make many good decisions over time, and you can too.

In my 14 years of experience with over 17,000 hours of screen time and solid trading research, I have studied lots of systems and methods. But without the help of successful mentors and traders I would not have understood what to look for, what is important and which aspects of trading to focus on.

Painfully lengthy processes and a lot of mistakes on the way helped too. But you can avoid that part - if you wish to do so - and leverage my experience.

So, Can You Gain an Advantage from Algos?
Algos have an overwhelming presence in Modern Markets (believed to trade over 45% of volume in Forex) and are active on all time frames. Can such presence be exploited? Yes it can, and by doing so it is possible to identify potential areas of participation by the same Algos and trade with confidence, only after price confirmation.

And because Algos are Smart Money, one often ends up entering at those very spots where the majority of traders are experiencing fear or pain and stay away. The study of price structure brought about by Algos offers the opportunity to trade in a way grounded in actual participation of Smart Money in the markets. There are several classes of algorithms and some of them can have a lasting effect on price and systematically attempt to bring prices to their targets.

Such Algos work on all time frames, including weekly and daily; and in absence of news, central banks and government decisions and Geo-political events - exert a strong influence on the Markets.

Trading methods that model Algos are also "evergreen", meaning they will keep working for a very long time. Why am I so sure? Because Algos have "incorporated" the Psychology of the Markets (which matches the average behavior of traders taken as a group) as I have demonstrated in premium Webinars on I believe this also allows Algos to pass undisturbed "under the radar".

That's why everyone talks about HFT (High Frequency Trading), too fast to be exploited by retail traders, but very few talk about what really moves the markets (maybe because their activity can be exploited also by retail traders? ;-).

Don't follow the "Common Practice". Leverage Algos instead!

As a newcomer in Trading, and even as an experienced trader, it is natural to trust and follow the "common practice", learning and building upon the concepts of Traditional Technical Analysis. But that, more often than not leads to average trading results, and you know what that means.

If you want to build your trading method the right way you must leverage the presence of Algos in modern markets. Do that and you can quite literally make the "magic happen" in your trading business. To do that you must use legitimate models of Algorithmic activity that gauge participation in the markets, and learn to time entries based on the same type of participation.

And that’s what this is all about: uncovering low risk entry areas likely to be participated by Algos, then using techniques to procedurally time market entries. Yes, you have read it right: that is a procedural, step-by-step method to confirm entry and perform price discovery, without any money at risk. Read on and discover how…

Stalk the Modern Markets to Financial Freedom!

This is unheard in trading, and I call it 'stalking the market price' or FibStalking. And although using that sounds like a totally new and unmatched concept , it is just another way to leverage the presence and effects of Algos on price of high-volume markets.

Modeling Algos activity on price also allows implementing "price discovery", because we can now systematically weigh the involvement of Algos in trends existing on all time frames.

You’re here because you understand the potential of trading and what it can do for you, for your future and that of your loved ones. You also understand that methods based on traditional technical analysis have validity only from a statistical standpoint and offer random reliability (often a 50% probability of working, which becomes much less when you consider slippage, transaction costs and trading mistakes. Is it any wonder then why the majority of traders lose money?).

Methods based on traditional Technical Analysis are not bound and 'grounded' in how Modern Markets really work. An Algorithm, on the other hand, either participates at a specific level or area or it does not. There is little statistics involved, but an effect can be directly observed in price. Algorithms activity on price structure can be spotted and studied very effectively.

For this reason using methods based on Algos effects on price, clearly increases the reliability to 70%-80%, when coupled with effective timing techniques. Such timing techniques exist and are also based on existence and activity of Algos on the smaller timeframes. It that fuels your curiosity, read on..

Become a Successful Trader: Start Doing Things Differently!

To be a successful trader, it is very important to be able to identify more winning trades, protect your capital, obtain free-risk trades, time your entry to increase the probability of success and significantly increase the Reward/Risk ratios to consistently make money in the markets, while limiting number and entity of losses.

In a nutshell, you need a method with high reliability, capable of identifying low risk trades, capture swing trends, consistently provide good trading plans that offer trades that can be timed procedurally and close at breakeven if the market does not follow-through in the direction of the path of least resistance.

Such a method exists because powerful classes of Algos exist on the larger timeframes (weekly and daily) in modern markets.

If you are tired of trying to get lucky with Price Action, Supply and Demand, Ichimoku Clouds and other trading tricks that lags price, do not allow for high Rewards/Risk, and most importantly, to support proper risk management practices, you must start doing things in a totally different way.

A different solution, whereby a method that works consistently and pushes you into the market right at those spots where the 95% of retail traders are afraid to get involved or are in pain. If that’s what you want, let’s get started…
Re-Engineer your Approach to Trading and Beyond
What are you trying to achieve? To find low risk setups, you must look where most traders might not, or are uncomfortable taking a position. You must completely change the way you study price, identify and time trade setups and take profits. Plus you must learn to follow a well-defined process; it is what you do with the trading opportunities that ultimately determines your profitability.

You can either put your head in the sand and keep struggling with a simplistic trading approaches that cannot work well because it's not 'grounded' in the way Modern Markets work. Or you can roll up your sleeves and start applying methods that enable you to reap the well-deserved rewards. It’s not difficult when you realize you can easily do things differently when you see things in a different way.

The main point to keep in mind is that it is not complex, nor is it impossible as your previous experience may suggest. Even if you have not had 'luck' in the markets so far, but want to successfully trade the markets in 2015 and beyond, you need to take your trading game well beyond where it is now…

This May be Something You Don’t Know or You haven’t given much thought, Yet!

Do you follow a repeatable, step-by-step process in trading? Do you consistently execute a sound price analysis aligned with the way modern markets work? Or are you totally lost, like the majority, without understanding how and where to start analyzing the market?

Do you keep the decision making process objective and grounded into the real, high probability opportunities offered by the market, or make discretionary decisions?

Do you understand that when you open a position in the market, you are not in control anymore? The market will move back and forth, flow unexpectedly, and will do whatever it has to do.

As a trader, you ought to be aware of certain factors which make or break your trading. One of the most important factors is the concept of Risk Free Trade. Our job as traders is taking low risk, high probability trade setups capable of obtaining risk-free trades, as soon as possible after entering a market position (I will talk about the concepts of Risk Free trade in the sections below).

Then you let the market rock and roll and move price to breakeven or to trade's target. It’s the only way me and you, as retail traders, can consistently and successfully generate gains while ensuring an effective use and protection of risk capital.
Have You Ever Considered, that Maybe You...
  • Need to really understand the power & effects that certain classes of Algos have nowadays on price in high-volume Markets
  • Must learn to identify well in advance the areas participated by Algos; then able to spot when they step in to push prices
  • Need to learn using FibStalking Timing to enter the markets confidently after price confirmation of participation
  • Must understand the opportunity offered by Algos modeling to obtain information through Price Discovery
  • Need to learn identifying and reading Price Structure to derive high probability, low risk Trading Plans
  • Must understand and accept the Truths and Principles of the markets and trade accordingly
  • Need to learn caring for the Trading Process as much as for the Information required to identify valid setups
Here’s My “Short-Code” For Successfully Trading the Markets
  • Resolve to Actively start doing Things Differently in your trading
  • Understand the "Trading Game" and Learn its Rules
  • Play in Defense at all times and replace Pressure with Confidence and Performance
  • Focus on Trading Process and Execution, not only on Information (e.g. Method and Setups)
  • Understand that you can Reach your Objectives through proper Money Management from relatively small accounts
  • Look beyond the traditional Technical Analysis approaches, which are not grounded in how Modern Markets work
  • Leverage presence of Algos on all time frames to perform Price Discovery
  • Let the market suggest a valid Trading Plan by studying what Algos are doing and at what levels they participate
  • Study Algos activity on target, larger and smaller time frames
  • Gather information on Price Structure and Price Discovery free of charge to understand what is likely to happen next
  • Objectively Validate your Trading Plan by analyzing what price can do next and decide whether to take the trade
  • Decide How you will Obtain a Risk-Free Trade
  • Procedurally and Mechanically enter the Markets like Algos using the FibStalking Timing Technique
  • Use Risk/Money Management and OPM (Other People's Money) to Boost Profits
  • Monitor your Positions and Yourself and proactively work on Discipline and Psychology
  • Develop the "Right Mental Model to become a Consistent Trader "
  • Act, Refine & Repeat
The Modern Market's Success Formula
The Formula for Success is the one which is based on, and depicts the approach to, how Modern Markets work.

As mentioned before, Algos have modeled very well the Psychology of the Markets and even internalized some of the patterns traded in the past by CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) pit traders, who eventually moved to the upper trading floors in the 80s.

This formula has worked for years and most probably will hold good for the next several decades too; for the reasons explained above. If you are ready to step up and create a real, sustainable success with online trading, I am here to help you start playing what I call the "Footprints of Algorithms on Price”.

Once you realize the difference it makes in your trading, your risk management, the Reward/Risk ratios you get and ultimately your account size, it is the only way you’ll ever want to look at the market and participate in the opportunities it offers ;-)
Start Applying Proven Methods for Trading Success
In the last 3 years dozens of traders and technical analysts have appreciated the quality of setups and precision of entries offered by my analysis and trading methods, the FibStalker Methods. What's more important is that several traders have profited from the setups published in my weekly Newsletters.

My research is well known among IFTA/SIAT (International Federation of Technical Analysts) practitioners and traders. I have also published several research papers in IFTA, and my webinars rate among the most watched. I am also among the contributors offering premium webinars on some leading, global trading portals like And I host and lead the Toronto Forex Meetup Group.

I have put to use all of my knowledge and pretty much everything I have learnt from my experience in the markets (since 2001), working with successful mentors and traders (Van Tharp, DR Barton, Ivica Iuracich, David Halsey and others...) and my own research as CMT and IFTA associate, mentoring at meet-ups and forex and trading associations, contributing to major on-line portals and more, and created a powerful new mentoring program: FibStalker Methods Coaching Program.
What FibStalker Methods Coaching
Program Can Do For You
This is a unique program, and you will only find it here and now. This is specifically for retail traders who want to break into successful trading and want to join the Elite 5% of consistently profit-making traders by learning how to:
  • Use the rules to frame market price in a precise sequence of measured moves and retraces
  • Understand how Modern Algos incorporate the psychology of the market
  • Create and Validate high probability, low risk trading plans with clear entry, stops and multiple profit taking price levels
  • Drill down to the lower time frames, timing the markets in a procedural way using the proprietary FibStalking Technique
  • Enter the market confidently with high R/R quickly generating Free-Risk trades
  • Study Price Structure by combining considerations on Algos affecting price on all time frames
  • Execute the Trading Process step-by-step following a clear, well-defined sequence
  • Formalize and document all the parts of your trading system, and then follow it
  • Develop and Install a Mental Framework to become a consistent and successful trader
As you can guess, this program isn’t for uncommitted newbies, dreamers, or wannabes who want some short-cuts to making quick-money. This is very specific training for people who need results or want to start acquiring "evergreen" trading skills to serve them for the years to come.

In fact, if you need more consistent results in your trading this will pretty much push you into high gear like nothing else.
With the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program you will discover how to:
  • Recognize the Different Ways Market Moves
  • Model Algos Footprints on Price
  • Frame Price Structure in different Time frames
  • Precisely Identify Areas of Participation from Algorithms
  • Identify and Break Down a Market Trend in a Sequence of Well-Defined Price Moves
  • Precisely Identify the Start and the End of a Trend
  • Time the Markets using a Procedural Method (the FibStalking Technique)
  • Come up with High Probability, Low Risk Trading Plans
  • Obtain Risk-Free Trades from the Market
  • Understand Price Structure and Algos Interaction on different Time Frames
  • Perform Price Discovery to Understand what the Market is Likely to do Next
  • Validate Trading Plans based on Price Structure
  • Formalize a Successful Trading System
  • Develop in Steps a Framework for Trading Success
  • And way, way more...
Surprises in Store for You (Pleasant ones, of course!)
If you are thinking you know what this is all about, let me tell you, you don’t.

In addition to the unique training that is one of a kind, by registering for the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program, you will gain access to a high-level Coaching Group with one-on-one attention. You will be provided Market Reviews during the week, and additional material to help you round up your Money and Risk management skills, the right Psychology, understanding of Modern Markets, Trading and System Design Concepts and the components to build the Right Mental Framework that will help you become successful in the markets.

After every training Module there is a weekly Q&A's sessions where I review the most important concepts, demonstrate its application to current markets and all members are encouraged to ask questions to clarify how they apply each newly introduced concept into their own trading. I also make my students accountable with weekly Homework. Results are published and commented in the Forum, sent to me by email and/or are discussed in the weekly Q&A sessions. I encourage all the participants to ask questions until it “clicks” for them, and I answer every question personally.

I can proudly claim that the level and quality of training and consulting of the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program and related members' sites is actually better than anything I have ever done before with my mentors, and is offered for a very competitive price- much smaller fraction of the price that I have paid. I have been getting very positive feedback and some very kind comments from my students, peers and mentors for my training program. It is really flattering to know that they have actually gone to the extent of saying that no-one does what I do and they wish this kind of training was available to them 10 years back, and they could’ve avoided the costly mistakes they have made in learning the tricks of the trade (pun intended!).

Of course, answering questions takes a lot of my time, but I love it for the sheer challenge it throws at me. The challenge and opportunity of offering the participants the fruits of my continued research and understanding of price structure to help building the "evergreen" skills. It is more of a passion with me now. However, I prefer to keep the number of participants limited so I can give everyone the help they need to transform their trading, without getting overwhelmed.

With my students I typically start seeing visible progress by the end of Module #3 (focusing on the FibStalking Timing Technique used to procedurally test participation of Algos at pre-determined levels), with the more experienced traders already increasing their profits from the concepts they learn. Often, they finally make it into "green territory" from being breakeven traders for years.

I am currently open to accept new students, but enrollment is limited to just 10-15 students per batch to ensure that I can give everyone individual attention. This offer is by invitation or referral only and may not be available elsewhere. I can proudly say that I am building a powerful community of smart traders, which is growing with each passing day, and I want you to be part of it.
Weekly Training To Maximize Results For Beginners, Swing Traders or People with Busy Schedules

The FibStalker Methods Coaching Program is currently delivered in a weekly format, over a period of 7 months, and this program is designed in this format for a reason…

The first 4 months are very intensive and I offer 2-5 hours recorded webinars on each of the main 8 Modules. I also offer a live Q&A of over 2 hours every second week, homework to keep you on track and accountable (every other week), plus additional video contents and lessons that help rounding your skills and develop confidence, along with detailed market reviews (with demonstrated timing down to the 15min or 1 min timeframes) one or two times a week. It is a lot of material but the program is designed in such a way that it does not become overwhelming for the participants, and they can absorb it at their own pace and access it anytime, anywhere.

The Program requires time as the participants are required to go through all the Modules. Modules are offered in sequence and designed in such a way that it builds-up, and are complimentary to each-other.

This study-model makes this coaching program comprehensive with a logical flow. Also, the duration of this coaching program ensures that the participants absorb everything the program has to offer, at a reasonable pace.

Participants are required to have a basic understating of market mechanics, because this Program is designed for the Intermediate and Advanced Level. In this 7 months comprehensive program, participants will be required to study recorded webinars and invited to take part to live Q&A sessions.

The whole Program is structured in a way that all the modules are in a logical sequence and lay the foundation for the next one. The duration of this coaching program ensures that the participants absorb everything that is necessary, at a comfortable pace.

If you are wondering that 7 months program sounds longer than usual you are right. Because this program is anything but “usual”. Trying to rush into the trading game short-changes your ability to learn to consistently make money from it. It’s not rocket science, but don’t fool yourself, it ain’t kindergarten either. If you rush through this content, you’ll make more mistakes, and that can slash your confidence, hurt your results or never allow you maximizing the outcome.

A Much Needed Mentorship on How Modern Markets Work
I am available to mentor you on how Modern Markets work, take advantage of a new and effective trading edge, tune and test your tailored trading system and help you maximize your profitability.

I strongly believe people deserve to get an understanding of how markets really work (and yes, there is an enormous conflict of interests in the Financial Services Industry that opposes that). My procedural and systematic approach to trading the markets really works. It specifically and precisely identifies areas participated by algos and then helps you procedurally time such areas for great, high probability entries using the FibStalking Timing Technique. And the combination of this simplified technique and the quality of the areas participated by algos is what makes it so effective.

And so does my approach to training new and experience traders . (One of the most seasoned traders I have mentored so far has 19 years of experience, and he admits that he is totally impressed by the effectiveness of this approach). Other mentees and participants have also professed that they have never experienced such a meticulous and comprehensive technique where the “nuts and bolts” of trading are laid out, exactly explaining what must be done to be successful in trading, minus all the stress.

This entire learning experience is carefully engineered to benefit you the most. The last 3 months of this powerful, simple-to-follow 7 months program are spent doing real analysis and creating trading plans of your trades (real and simulated), collecting statistics from paper trading (depending on your level of experience) using your own personalized trading system (built on proven components based on Algos existence and effects on price) which I will help you create. You will also work as part of a growing community of traders. That maximizes your ability to absorb the information and put it to some good use in your own trading.
A Lot of New Information to Learn to Function like an Elite 5% Trader
It's a lot of new information and proprietary research, yet there’s no overload. Yes you will have access to lots of hours of video training, as well as plenty of examples on the basic concepts. None of the information confuses you, as it flows logically. Initially it may seem a bit "non-natural" to act upon what you learn, but hey, you will then be functioning and trading like an "Elite 5% Club Member" trader :-).

After a very limited time the procedural and guided approach based on price confirmation will make sense and "click", and will give you peace of mind and let you adjust quicker than you had initially thought. And honestly, that is all you need to do to be successful at trading.

You often hear in the trading circles about ‘uncertainty’, ‘complexity’, ‘brain and human performance’, ‘discretion’ and ‘adding new rules’, while the real problem is that the tools being used (traditional Technical Analysis) are not capable of capturing price structure and the psychology of the markets. And hence, FibStalker Methods Coaching Program brings you the certainty and clarity in trading by introducing new, simple tools to analyze and capture the effects of Algos, the real force that moves price and helps explaining price trends ..

The main contents of these 8 Modules are condensed down to the core for maximum absorption in minimum time, in case you do not want to take advantage of the additional information. I strongly recommend you carefully study that, too. It is there for a reason. My experience shows that we tend to dismiss what we need more and what we don't like.

In this program, you will get exactly what you need, and when you need it. You’ll regularly receive a new Module (but if need full access immediately, there is an option for that too) with the training contents and the homework. Plus during the week you'll get additional video lessons and market reviews. Plus any points where you need help or guidance, will be discussed during the live Q&As from a very practical viewpoint. Everything is explained in detail with a logical work-flow. Besides, you can also email your queries which I will be answering personally.

This coaching program is changing lives largely because of the way people experience it, and can apply these concepts and leverage in the market profitably.
If You Want to Be a Successful Trader,
This is What You've Been Looking For

College-level Training

Allows you to understand Algos participation in Modern Markets and how to exploit their presence to gain an edge in trading. Join the Program and move into the Elite 5% in no time.

Life-changing Training

This content has already changed lives. Now let it change yours and help you to reach your goals in trading and life.

Deep Tuition Discount

New Members and Students currently enjoy great discounts on the cost of the material.

Effective, Original Research

Focus on building and tuning a trading process offering consistent results for life. How to time and enter trade setups that make you consistently profitable.

Setups from Current Markets

Take a look at actual trade setups and examples. I use Q&As and Market Reviews to show how the concepts apply to current markets.

Get Feedback & Answers

If anything hinders your understanding, you will get my help and assistance. Feel free to ask questions and clarify your doubts.

Limited Access

Number of participants is limited to provide individual attention to each participant in the member’s area or via email.

Instructor's Credentials

With 14 years' experience, Giuseppe Basile, Trader, Analyst, CMT, MaF, IFTA/SIAT researcher, Mentor and Speaker at events and conferences is a trusted advisor.

Help and Support

If you have any problems or trouble with anything, just let me know and FibStalker team will get it fixed for you.
Your Tuition Investment
How much is unlimited high probability, low risk setups and the systematic protection of your capital worth to you? What about the potential for several trades a year with Reward/Risk ratio from 5 to 20 (and potentially higher when timing weekly swing trades on 15 min or 1 min timeframes?); and only considering one trading instrument? Or a un-heard market timing technique that lets you enter the market only after price confirmation – and without money at risk – right at those spots were 95% of traders are unwilling to trade? What about a method that turns 0.5% or 1% unit of risk taken on small capital amounts into serious money (if you think that's not possible, then probably you don't know yet that you can use market gains and advanced money management techniques to multiply profits and reach your trading objectives.)

So, how much is all this worth to you? Depending on your situation it could be $5,000, $20,000 or even $50,000; or maybe much more. This would certainly be money well invested for life-long returns.

I have personally witnessed active traders making several units of risk (R) equivalent in gains, in a period of few weeks, trading a variety of market's instruments (forex, equity, commodities and bond futures). And they are doing only part of what I will be teaching you in this program. However, I have kept the training fees nominal, which is really low considering the overall value of this program.

The FibStalker Methods Coaching Program is a college-level curriculum, designed to sell for $4,495, and frankly, even that would be a great deal. However, this program is not launched for the general public yet. By joining now, you’ll help me continue to better the Program, and plus you will be getting a really good tuition discount. This training is 7-months long, so I decided to make the cost just $450 per month of training.

Most people make the tuition fees back in few weeks of trading, after starting the program (I had students doing that “before” joining the Program, by following the analysis in my free newsletter). That makes the whole deal basically “A great value for money” or as I like to call it “free, plus a huge profit”, because the benefits of what you are going to learn will be yours forever.

Beginners will also benefit, because they will not go through the ropes and pain of learning a low-reliability method that uses traditional Technical Analysis. Rather, newcomers and fresher’s in trading will be facing a method that is easy to understand, implement and is largely procedural and rules-based.

Click in the ONE TIME OFFER below, valid till the end of May 2015...

Additional 50% Discount for New Members

Because your questions, feedback and participation will help keep refining this coaching program, I would like to offer a 50% discount for the members taking up this program. I want to make it more affordable to you so you can take advantage of this opportunity that will change your trading and the way you look at the markets, forever. And realize the consequent, potential changes you deserve in your life, too. So by registering right now, I am going to slash that $450 a month price in half again.

By registering for FibStalker Methods Coaching Program, you can avail the benefit of the discounted price and save $225 per installment on this 7 months coaching program.

Normal price is $1,487 (in one solution) or $417/month for 4 months.


Special price is $1,237 (in one solution) or $350/month for 4 months.
This is Serious Business: Are You Ready to Commit ?
The whole idea and purpose of this program is to make all the participants more aware of algorithms and their overwhelming effects in modern markets and how to take advantage of their presence to be successful at trading. But it requires time, dedication and full attention, especially for the first 4 months, which is intensive training. And if you cannot fully commit, I would actually recommend you pass it off. But if you are here to give it your all, and absorb all the knowledge to build your “evergreen” trading system and skills, I am here to mentor and help you!

However; I need to learn about your experience and current level of development to help you better with achieving your objectives and expectations.

You would like to become a successful trader and are interested in FibStalker Methods to help you achieve that goal or you wouldn’t have read this far. Maybe you are a little skeptical, and that’s OK. Maybe you’ve been “burned” in the past by programs and trainings that sound great on paper, but they over-promised and under-delivered. Maybe the content itself wasn't great, or it’s just not something you can practically, easily, effectively and mechanically act upon.

I want to help you make the right decision by putting your apprehensions and concerns (if any) to rest. All prospective and interested participants can be provided the contact of some of my current and past students who are consistently and effectively using FibStalker concepts in their daily trading.

At the time of registration, participants are required to sign a contract which lists Terms & Conditions. The reasons for this are mentioned below:
  • This coaching program requires dedicated time and commitment, and signing the contract confirms that the participant is serious about this program and desires to go through a transformational experience.
  • Coaching Fees is non-refundable and hence a signed contract is mutually beneficial for the participants, as well as us.
  • Contract also lists the duration, methodology and content of the program, setting the expectations for both the parties.
  • The Non-Disclosure clause binds the participants to not distribute / sell this proprietary material (protects my intellectual property and prevents our methods/techniques and my research being exploited).
  • Making sure that confidentiality and copyright are respected (not only in relation to my content, but also for the information we will exchange as part of trade review and learning)

Please Note: The contents of this Program are for your personal use only. If you join you MAY NOT share or distribute or re-sell or allow non-paying participants to view, copy or distribute any of the content.

This program is guaranteed to change forever the way you look at the markets and offers you an opportunity to surge ahead into the Elite 5% of consistent traders, in no time. If that interests and excites you, enroll in this coaching program NOW!

There is a no refund policy once you have enrolled in the program, but you will not need it. If for any reasons you cannot complete the program , I will facilitate your re-admission in the next session for the portion of content you missed out. After completing the Program you will retain access to the videos and Q&A Webinar recordings and all the material, for as long as you need it.
Register Now and Lock In Your Spot (and Your Price)
If you are motivated and can make time for this program, lock in your spot for the 7 months training confidently and get instant access to the introductory portion of the program (Module #0). You will immediately know you wanted to be part of this.

You will love the training and live and online interaction and you will get immediate access to the recorded material
And you will enjoy the company of other students, committed participants and accomplished traders, and will have an opportunity to meet a lot of new like-minded friends and trading buddies.

I am not really worried about the fact that you will love the content and will appreciate how easy it is to act upon it. I see this very often as I discuss and teach the program. Once people see what FibStalker Methods are all about, they usually want to stick to the coaching program until the end (and more :-) because it’s so valuable to them ;-)

This will more than teach you how to consistently get low risk, high probability trades, understand price structure, time the markets as professional traders do and build a successful trading business.

It’s a great investment for your time and money!!

This program will rock your trading beliefs and you will be left asking yourself what you have been doing all these years!
How Much, Again?
$1,237 (in one payment), for 7-months duration and you will never be charged again


$350 / month (in 4 monthly installments), 7-months duration (you will only be charged the first 4 months)

That’s much less of what I generally charge for the same material in my coaching sessions.

Plus, you’re also getting the free other Bonuses from me (legit over $2,000 value!).

The only catch is that when my new session starts at the end of May this offer will end. Moreover in the coming months the FibStalker Intraday System will no longer be free, but sell for $1,000 or more. So be sure to take advantage of the offer and the free bonuses right now. Click the big blue button below to get started.

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  • I understand the price I will be paying today for access to the 7-month FibStalker Methods Coaching Program is just $1,237 (one payment) or $350 / month for 4 months (4 installments, billed monthly).
  • I understand I will receive instant access to the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program material, plus I will be invited to 8 live-webinars of over 3 hours, one for each module of the program.
  • I understand I will need to sign a contract with an NDA (non-disclosure-agreement) to protect my transaction, as well as FibStalker's market research, intellectual property and trading method.
  • I understand I will be receiving one year access; billed one time only (one payment option) or monthly (initial payment, plus 3 other monthly payments); after that no more bills and I can watch the training as much as I want, whenever I want.
  • I understand I will also be receiving for free the “Winning with Algos in Modern Market” course, access to new and archived premium webinars for one year, two 1-hour one-to-one reviews with FibStalker and early bird access to the first training session of the new FibStalker Intraday System, in September 2015 (a total $2,000 value)
  • I understand that during my registration and payment, I will instantly create login information to access the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program content with all the instructions I need for the training (IMPORTANT: be sure to whitelist emails from "").
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I look forward to working with you,

Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker

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