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Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker is a Certified Market Technician, Trader, SIAT/CSTA Researcher and Mentor. Founder of FibStalker Consulting Inc. and author, Giuseppe has published several research papers on Money Management, HFT, innovative timing, unconventional use of Fibonacci, trading methods and presents regularly at large international trading shows and bi-weekly at FXStreet.com. In June 2017, Giuseppe has been presented with the prestigious CSTA/IFTA “A. Jack Frost” Award for his original research on the linkages between money management and trading goals. He is Editor and National Board Director of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysis (CSTA/IFTA)

Welcome to High-Volume, Modern Markets…

Learn to Trade Like Modern Algorithms

Modern markets are highly affected by algorithms. A clear understanding of how modern, high-volume markets work and a logical approach to tackle opportunities, while closely guarding risk, goes a long way and can determine success or failure in Forex, Stock and Futures trading.

Traditional Technical Analysis is, alone, not effective. Even its modern “flavors” (e.g. Price Action, Supply and Demand, Ichimoku Clouds, only to name a few tools) do not guarantee success. Many trading methods and systems only capture some of the aspects involved in successful trading.

The mechanics of trading are relatively easy to learn, but only applying the insights learned from observing the effects of participation of Smart Money on price can gives a truthful view on what’s really going on under the hood, and whether new trends can start and be sustained.

The FibStalker Methods and the award-winning, proprietary FibStalking timing technique allow the identification of areas of interest from the Smart Money and Algos viewpoint and a step-by-step procedure to establish whether participation is taking place and time entry.

Armed with such knowledge and structured procedures, aids and tools to analyze price and its structure and work on psychology, discipline, refine execution skills, reach profitability and secure trading consistency, retail traders can reach trading objectives.

Hard work, proper risk management, and a procedural method to affect and change beliefs, are all important for trading success. A trading edge grounded in how high-volume, modern markets work, simplifies the task and aligns retail decision making with Algos and Smart Money commitment.