FibStalker Methods Coaching On-line in a Nutshell

A complete program with self-study, live webinar, trading signals – with individual attention – which will help you master the effective application of the many, innovative concepts of the FibStalker Methods and start trading like professionals. This program is not for beginners: you need to have a basic understanding of the markets.

This 18-month program is dedicated to Intermediate and Experienced traders who are serious and want to learn, understand and apply little known concepts and a trading edge that will turn-around your results. The FibStalker Methods are a highly structured set of techniques and simple processes to identify price structure imposed by the presence and activity of modern Algorithms on all time frames. The Methods help you creating and validating trading plans, as well as timing setups using the proprietary FibStalking Timing technique.

The Program is developed in 3 parts:

  1. Price modeling and step-by-step timing with FibStalking;
  2. Methods’ rules, 8 trading systems and price patterns;
  3. Tools and techniques to build profitability and consistency in trading.

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The FibStalker Methods Express program contains:

  • 12 Modules covering modeling price structure and trends, relation with program trading, bandwagon theory and psychology,  proprietary FibStalking step-by-step, proprietary timing (Basic & Advanced Techniques); Notable Anchors; FibStalker Patterns; Price Structure Analysis & Price Discovery Process;  Trading Systems; Definition of the FibStalker Trading System.
  • Set of 12 Live Webinars of 2-3h each (once a month)
  • Assigned Homework (for many modules)
  • 8 Trading Systems (full, written specification)
  • FibStalking Timing Techniques (Filter to model Smart Money participation)
  • 1 One-to-One of 1 hour with FibStalker
  • 18 Months of email support
  • Free access to “Winning with Algos” Community (FibStalker Analysis & Trading service)

Time to Master the Techniques and become Profitable & Consistent in Trading: 6 to 18 months