The Fearless Trader Workshop

A 12-week live, intensive workshop for serious traders who want to quickly bring their trading to a very advanced level and become profitable and consistent in few months. Participation is on invitation-only basis and this program is not for everyone (I reject around 30% of prospects). Candidates will need to demonstrate motivation, ability and willingness to put in the effort, availability of resources, wanting do develop trading as a business and must sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) upon subscription.

The Fearless Trader Workshop features advanced risk management, advanced money management, price models based on Smart Money (Algorithms) and Dumb Money (non-professional crowd), a complete step-by-step trading process, various proprietary timing techniques, plus advanced methodologies to develop discipline and a professional trader’s mindset to execute consistently. Success rate for this program – which features a procedural, guided trading process and 5 robust and profitable, yet simple, trading systems – is very high.

The 12-week intensive workshop requires students to:

  1. Watch and study video material during the week
  2. Actively participate to weekly live webinars and Q&As
  3. Complete all the assignments, simulations and testing
  4. Actively participate and interact in the forum and trading room

The 12 weeks are followed by another 3-month period of consolidation with analysis and trading in the room.

Students accepted in this workshop get also full access to the FibStalker Methods Coaching Program and related material.

Here below is an high-level outline of the 10 areas of the trader’s transformational journey taking place during the workshop, with the main focus of each week:

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