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eBook firstly published in May 2013 by Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker

Abstract: You are interested in trading or experienced but still not part of that elite 5% of consistent traders? You want to be a successful trader regularly extracting profits out of the markets. . . Well, you must start thinking of trading from a different perspective and start doing things differently.

Reshape Beliefs on What Matters. One thing to do is re-focus on trading concepts that truly describe, explain and affect price behavior. Get an opportunity to create the right beliefs and mindset about trading from your current development level. Experienced traders are at a disadvantage. They may need to work more to change their current beliefs. But well-directed efforts can help quickly turning around their trading, when the right tools are used.

News & Hype is not Relevant. Algos Positioning Is. The psychology behind price moves is key and it ismainly driven by emotions. Rationalize market behavior at your own risk (of not not being relevant and usually counter-productive for successful trading). Hype on market news and on its interpretation is misleading. News can and will typically only affect price temporarily and on the lower time frames like 1min, 15min and 4-hour. However very often news will have no effects on price patterns already in place. News typically end up moving price towards the targets of well-formed daily and weekly Algos setups.

Five Key Concepts for a Mind-Shift. In trading, as in life, perception is much more important than facts. And perception remains unchanged for a long time or, when it changes, it changes quickly. Rational interpretation of news and effects, and how price “should” move in consequence has little relevance. The five key concept for trading success will prepare the trader to create the required beliefs and help a mind-shift absolutely necessary (in most cases) to (re)-learn how to trade successfully.

Challenge Yourself & Grow. If you have been (interested in) trading for some time, you will have realized that trading success requires useful and focused beliefs and the right psychology. The concepts presented in this e-book are counter-intuitive and challenge the widespread ‘truths’ of trading. This is probably the reason why it is meaningful to analyze and study them carefully. A deep understanding these key concepts will also help you to identify where the real profit opportunities lie.

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Van Tarp said: “We do not trade price, we trade our beliefs about price!”


Get my *free* package and start changing the way you think about the markets and trade today!

Collaboration with FXStreet, the global largest portal dedicated to retail Forex trading. . .

January 2015: I have been asked to become a Premium Contributor for FXStreet and started conducting frequent educational webinars.

January 2015: Nominee for Best Webinars Educator and Professional Jury MemberFXStreet Awards 2014. Nominees were selected by the FXStreet Content team for their quality and popularity on the website. This year again, besides the popular vote, a professional jury will select its favorite candidates. This jury is made of members of the FXStreet Experts team and of professionals from other companies, with different backgrounds.

January 2014: After Barcelona, London and New York, FXStreet decide to launch the Meetup in Toronto. Francesc Riverola, FXStreet CEO, picked Giuseppe Basile as the lead of the Toronto Forex Meetup currently sponsored by CMC makerts (preceeded by OANDA Canada, as the previous sponsor). A monthly meeting for an hour+ of learning about Forex and exchange of ideas. Accomplished traders, sector experts, coaches and institutional Forex traders are regularly involved in the meetings.

July 2013: I was recognized to be an innovator and an emerging figure in the Foreign Exchange trading sphere. I was asked to become a part-time analyst and contributor of specializing in real time, forex news, charts, rates, reports and market analysis.


The “FXSTREET FIBSTALKER WEEKLY SHOW” is live ever Wednesdays at 7PM EST at

September 2016: FXStreet Weekly FibStalker Show. The show is in two parts: in the first part I address markets fundamentals or an educational topic (15-20min); in  the second part I review groups of markets to uncover opportunity in current and following week (25-30min). The show is on every Wednesdays at 7PM EST on FXStreet Live Video channel.

January 2016: FXStreet Forex Tokyo Open Live Room daily – show featuring real trading; Review and comment on markets to help uncover trading opportunities during the Tokyo open; two method are applied: FibStalker Methods and the Continuation Style; Q&A and review of markets proposed by attendees; Discuss of practical application of trading concepts: methods, systems, timing, risk & money management, trader psychology; market psychology, as well as Algos and smart money activity.

About As their distinctive trademark, has always been proud of their unyielding commitment to provide objective and unbiased information, and to enable their users to take better and more confident decisions. On the portal, articles from experts from all over the world are among the most well-received content.


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What do they say about the ‘Winning With Algos’ course. . .

Heric Huang

We were extremely grateful to get Giuseppe to come in to talk about his expert findings opinions on the modern financial market.

The 6+ hour seminar provided the members of the club a completely different perspective that, in sum, blew everyone’s mind in terms of their previous beliefs about the market.

It indeed has changed the perspectives of many of the students on how the modern markets really operates as opposed to blindly believing what other sources of information that exists out there are saying. It gave us a higher glimpse into the reality of the markets and how not to perform and jump on the bandwagon along with vast majority of losers in the market.

One unique topic that Giuseppe talked about was how Algos work in financial markets and how they compete against each other in different time frames.

Giuseppe is very knowledgeable and was extremely frank about his opinions on the truth. Not only that, he provided the club with valuable information that was not readily available to students and the public.

All in all the presentation was refreshing and offered our members a completely different approach to trading.

Heric HuangPresidentWestern Forex Association

Content of the ‘Winning With Algos’ course. . .

Part I – Lectures 1 to 4
  • The Trading Game

    A game you win in defense. Risk management is trader’s job #1. Learn the 4 key rules + the 11 additional rules for success. Only look at trading concepts that work. Build a a good trading plan and learn its component parts. The 3 “M”s and the 7 pillars of successful trading. Psychology and statistics to make it or break it in retail trading.

  • A New Trading Philosophy in Modern markets

    A Winning Trading Philosophy in 13 points. Reality and truths about Modern Markets. Modeling price in 15min, 4-hour and daily time frames. 11 ways of Doing Things Differently. More on the 7 Pillars of Successful Trading. Learn to use the FibStalking Timing Technique. The 4 Steps of the Trading Process.

  • Algorithms, Modern Markets and Price Structure

    Uninvited guests in Fibonacci numbers. Traditional use of Fibonacci. Selection of subset of numbers. Modeling traditional and extended price moves. Foundations of the FibStalking technique. Why Algos Trading is real. Examples of modeling and timing from current markets.

  • HFT and Practical Considerations on its Effects on Price

    HFT and market’s Price Structure. Definition of HFT. HFT feedback cycles. An example of quotes delay HFT. $750M dumped in 1 second! Healthy and unhealthy price structure. How HFT can break well-formed setups. Algos regaining control on Price (example).

Part II – Lectures 5 to 8
  • The Power of Algorithms and the Psychology of the Markets

    A game you win in defense. Risk management is trader’s job #1. Learn the 4 key rules + the 11 additional rules for success. Only look at trading concepts that work. Build a a good trading plan and learn its component parts. The 3 “M”s and the 7 pillars of successful trading. Psychology and statistics to make it or break it in retail trading.

  • Trading Objectives & Money Management

    Rules of Trading and Risk Management. Market’s Fundamental Principles & Truths. Practicing Risk Management. CPR for Traders. Advanced Risk & Money Management. Understanding how Price moves. Risk-free Trades, Partial Profits, entering in Steps. How to “Supercharge” Profits.

  • Fallacy of Traditional Technical Analysis

    Reality of Technical Analysis. Do TA studies really Work? Rigidity of Tool’s Response. Psychological Elements hiding the Fallacy. Trading & Gambling. No Predictive Capacity. Sell-fulfilling Prophecy and Fallacy promotion of TA. Traditional TA and Complex Rules. What happens to price?

  • Role of Fundamental Analysis

    An example of Fundamental Analysis. Abenomics and the Japanese Economy context. Fact, Factors and what needs to be Monitored. Facts, Opinions and Effects. Exchange rate, Exports, Investments, Debt, GDP, Taxation, Prices. Global Macro Factors. Many Unanswered Questions. How Algos are Positioned. Conclusions.


Get my *free* package and start changing the way you think about the markets and trade today!

Upcoming speeches:

Recent speeches:

  • CSTA Toronto Downtown Chapter (April 2018)
  • Money Show Toronto 2016 (October 2016)
  • San Francisco Money Show (August 2016) -Will share presentation soon
  • New York Trader’s Expo (February 2016) – Watch here
  • Money Show Toronto 2015 (October 2015) – Watch here
  • Canadian Society of Technical Analysts Annual Conference (September 2015)
  • Money Show Toronto 2014 (October 2014)
  • IT Forum Italy 2013 (May 2013)

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Note: This research paper fills a gap in finance literature in the area of relations between position sizing and trading and investing objectives and won the “A. Jack Frost” award in June 2017.

This research paper appeared on the SIAT/IFTA Quanderno No.8 in February 2012 and CSTA Journal November 2016

An Examination of the Linkages Between Money Management and Trading Goalsby Giuseppe Basile, a.k.a. the FibStalker

This research paper is a summary of my thesis for the Masters of Arts in Finance at National College of Ireland (November 2010). I have also published this work on the SIAT Quaderno, the journal of SIAT, Italian Chapter of IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts).

Abstract: Three money management techniques were examined and applied to the profitable “Turtle Soup” trading system.

Trading goals were split in three sub-goals: a) downside protection, b) upside potential and c) an opportunistic outcome.

A uni-variate Monte Carlo simulation method was adopted and a distribution, obtained from trading data generated by the trading system along with the applied money management rules, was calibrated using known goodness-of-fit techniques and tests.

Outcome: The study confirms that good money management techniques are able to modify the results of a profitable trading system and demonstrates that money management techniques can be used to control achievement of trading goals. In particular, different features of money management are able to separately affect the achievement of different sub-goals.